Laughter Yoga Teacher Training (english)


From 17th to 21st January 2018 – Gubbio

 in a residence surrounded by nature, between the hills of Gubbio

This is the intensive training that allows you to qualify 

LAUGHTER YOGA TEACHER of Laughter Yoga University® 


Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is the course of five days of intensive training conducted by Richard Romagnoli, one of the few Master Trainers in the world directly trained by Dr. Madan Kataria, the Founder of LY International.

Becoming Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainer will allow you to lead your own professional trainings and qualify ” Laughter Yoga Leaders.”


Who is Richard Romagnoli: your Master Trainer 

Throughout his international experience Richard has given ​​a huge contribution to the spread of Laughter Yoga in Italy and in the world, that is why Dr. Kataria officially named him Laughter Yoga World Ambassador.

Richard has participated in many Teacher Trainings under Dr. Kataria both in India and in Europe and  he continues his  professional training with Dr. Kataria as Master of Laughter Yoga University, with which he cooperates in the research and development on  Humor Therapy methodology.

Richard is the author of the book “I learned to Laugh” (EIFIS Publisher) that in a few months after its release in Italy has sold more than 6,000 copies: a real publishing success that is already in its reprint!  Author of the CD of meditation “TREE OF LIFE” (EIFIS Publisher).  He writes for the Huffington Post and is invited as a speaker at international events such as its participation in TEDx Vicenza.

He is a prolific writer and researcher on various issues related to  Spirituality and Self-Management.  He works with major companies as a consultant and motivational Laughter Coach as: Fernet Branca, Lancome, Flora, TechData, Adidas, Happiness, Smiley, Macro Edizioni, Macrolibrarsi and many other companies and individuals.

He was the first to conceive and launch, on behalf of his Publisher, the APP “My Laughter Coach” for smartphones and tablets both  on Itunes and on GooglePlay, entirely dedicated to  Laughter Yoga.

His teachings and his trainings are followed by thousands of people around the world.  He is considered one of the greatest exponents of  Laughter Yoga in the world.  He considers himself just a person in the service of humanity.


 Goals of the Teacher Training 

• To make you an expert of Laughter Yoga able to  transmit – during the Leaders Trainings that you will be able to conduct – the techniques, knowledge and skills for proper spreading of LAUGHTER YOGA in Italy and around the world.  You will receive insights that will enrich your educational experience to collaborate with companies, schools, hospitals and private.

• You will learn to experience more laughter in your life, because you can not teach what you do not practice.

Joseph Joubert wrote: “To teach is to learn twice!” The best way to bring more laughter into your life is to become a Teacher of Laughter Yoga.

• As a Teacher you will acquire the right knowledge and the best skills to teach, to train and coach others as Laughter Yoga Leaders.  For this reason during the Teacher Training given by Richard you will receive trainings in leadership, communication, promotion through information channels and social media.

• To be able to laugh unconditionally on your own, ie, without any reason and every day, you will learn to practice the five techniques of pranayama and the five basic exercises of laughter that will allow you to keep high your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

• To study in detail the value  of Laughter Inner Spirit and the affirmation of Dr. Kataria “When you laugh, you change.  When you change the whole world changes with you.” 


 What are  the benefits of this training for you 

• Only  Laughter Yoga Teachers can train Leaders and not the other way round.  Becoming a qualified Teacher you can lead your Laughter Yoga Leader International Certification.

• You will learn what  Unconditional Laughter is – you will obtain a deeper knowledge on the preventive and therapeutic power of laughter and on the wisdom of Laughter Yoga – how and why Laughter Yoga works and what are the enormous benefits of  Unconditional Laughter for the welfare of the body – mind, acknowledged by medical science.

• You will receive all the material to conduct your own certification: the Teacher’s Guide and the Leaders’ handbook (translated for you in Italian), CDs and DVDs, the official logos to use in your training, enrolment for a year at the Pro Zone Laughter Yoga University website and also the opportunity to participate for free to a Leader Certification led by Richard Romagnoli to live the experience of training with your Master!


Training yourself as a Teacher Trainer will help you to manage your emotions through the Power of Inner Laughter. 

From Richard: “Before becoming a Master Trainer I have lived both in India and in Europe making experiences of the highest level directly with Dr. Kataria and this has made ​​a difference  in my professional life. Participating in many of his Teacher training, also as his interpreter, I was able to absorb not only the technique but the philosophy of action that is the basis of LAUGHTER YOGA. Becoming Teacher will give you  a fantastic opportunity to become a professional, to give a significant boost to your experience in the field of Laughter Yoga.  For this reason these five days will be very, very intense.  That is why I have chosen an exceptional location immersed in nature, to be able to follow you hour after hour, day after day.  Having certified over six hundred  Laughter Yoga Leaders it is the time for me to give – by teaching – anything that will allow you to succeed and establish yourself as a professional in the field of Laughter Yoga.  During Teacher Training you will receive the secrets that have allowed me to realize my dreams just laughing!  Are you ready to become a Laughter Yoga Teacher?” 


Note: It is important to remember that you do not need to be enrolled (or to be enrolled later) to any association or coordinating committee as, in the scope of Laughter Yoga Foundation, only a free membership to LAUGHTER YOGA FOUNDATION by Dr. Madan Kataria is  requested.

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